The Firepup® Costume: Assembly, Care, & Use Guide

For Everyone’s Safety

Each person wearing the Costume, and their Spotter, should read & understand the Firepup® Costume Assembly, Care, & Use Guide BEFORE using. This guide includes important assembly instructions, safety tips, and health information all users should know.

The Firepup® Costume: Costume Checklist

Whenever unpacking and packing the Firepup® Costume please check that all pieces are included.

Keep the shipping box for storing the costume!

Missing Something?

Interactive Checklist

The Firepup® Costume: Costume Assembly

To keep the integrity of the character, please take proper steps to ensure that your costume will remain in good condition for years to come.

1. Large Parade Head with Helmet Attached and Fan

  • Avoid pushing or scratching screen nose.
    If scratched the screen can be touched up using a black perm marker on the scratch. Avoid getting marker on the fur.
  • Store upright in shipping box.
  • Insert batteries for fan unit before wearing.
  • Adjust the inside head gear for user’s size comfort.
    Avoid strain on user’s neck and head.
  • Keep hair out of sight.
    Tie back to avoid fan.
  • Adjust black collar to hang down to show at shoulders.
  • Follow care tag inside head unit.

2. Shirt with 2 Attached Buckled Suspenders

  • Attach/detach yellow buckles by the Velcro openings at shoulders.
  • Red front and back suspenders should match up when attached.
  • Use the black elastic thumb loop to keep sleeves tucked into gloves.
  • Wash before use.
  • Follow care tag on garment.

3. Black Drawstring Pants with Detachable Tail

  • Insert fur tail through hole in rear of pant.
    Tail tip should point up. Line up Velcro tabs to secure.
  • Adjust drawstring in waist.
  • Place elastic stirrups at bottom of feet.
  • Store pants straight on the enclosed wooden hanger using the clips to avoid folding.
  • Wash before use.
    (Always remove tail before washing.)
  • Follow care tag on garment.

4. Yellow Vinyl Fire Coat with 4 Buckles

  • Attach the 4 red buckles on the coat’s Velcro tabs.
  • Point buckle tips inward.
  • Adjust front collar Velcro tabs at chest, while wearing coat.
  • Sleeve length can be adjusted by folding black cuffs up to make shorter.
  • Tail should stick out through rear pleat.
  • In hot weather, or when otherwise needed, Firepup® can remove the yellow coat as long as the white shirt sleeve is tucked inside the glove paw cuff.
  • Store coat on wooden hanger, hang straight, avoid folding.
  • Follow care tag inside garment.

5. White Fur Gloves

  • Store the white glove paws dry, in plastic shipping bag.
  • Use elastic loops sewed inside finger and wrist.
    This helps keep paws secure while hands are in motion.
  • Wash the gloves on a cool delicate cycle.
    Using a mild detergent and fabric softener.
  • You can dry gloves in a dryer on low temperatures.
  • Brush gloves while still damp using a vented brush.
    It will cause the fur to mat.
  • Follow care tag inside glove.

6. Over-Sized Adjustable Boots

  • The feet/boots should be kept clean by using mild detergent such as 303 fabric cleaner or an upholstery cleaner and a soft cloth.
  • Store boots in plastic, making sure that they are completely dry.
  • Step “Marching Style” to walk safely and to give Firepup® his peppy walk.
  • Let your Spotter help when on steps and inclines.

7. Storage & Shipping Box

  • Store all costume parts in a well-ventilated, cool, dry area.
  • Never store any parts wet.
  • Avoid keeping costume in vehicle trunks or back seats for long periods of time. (Damage that could occur this way is not covered by warranty.)

The Firepup® Costume: Boot Assembly

Properly assembled boots can make all the difference!


  • Place socked foot through the boot.
  • Put on street shoe from bottom of boot. 


  • Fasten straps over street shoes.
  • Fasten Velcro for BLACK rubber straps at bottom of boot.
  • Boots should fit snug over shoes.


  • Fasten yellow strap inside boot on top of street shoe.



  • Tuck pants neatly inside boots & adjust cuffs.
  • Walk “marching style” for safety & to give Firepup® his peppy step.
Step 4

The Firepup® Costume: Costume Guidelines

Always use a spotter while wearing the costume!

ONLY Be Seen In Full Costume

Coat can be removed in hot weather, indoors, or as needed.

Keep the costume out of view before and after use.

The costume should be put on and taken off in private, NEVER in public. (It can be traumatic for young children to see Firepup®not fully assembled, especially with no head.)

Walk carefully especially on stairs/steps.


The spotter should always speak for Firepup®.

Always Use Appropriate Conduct

ALWAYS be professional, friendly, and courteous; and NEVER purposely frighten or startle children.

Firepup® with a Firefighter Hero!

Always Treat the Costume With Care

Firepup® is a trusted role-model for children nationwide.

Be extra animated when wearing the costume to bring Firepup® to life and not appear “flat”. Example: Wave, clap, and point with both hands, lift an ear to listen, kneel when visiting with a small child, keep hands on hips in a “Super Hero” pose when standing still, etc.

Firefighters Make Great Spotters

Never Operate Machinery While Wearing the Costume

Avoid water & never wear the costume in the rain.

The costume will quickly absorb water becoming very heavy.

There is a potential safety risk if the mascot is pushed or falls into ponds, fountains, pools, oceans, or other waterways.

Never eat, drink, or smoke while wearing the costume.

Carefully drinking water is acceptable.

NEVER engage in any activity that is illegal or inappropriate for the image of Firepup®.


The Firepup® Costume: Safety Precautions

Only those who have read the “Assembly, Care, & Use Guide” articles, and feel comfortable with the guidelines, should wear the costume.

You have a great opportunity to make an important impact on children and families in your community.

The Firepup® costume must only be worn to programs or events that further public information, education, and awareness in fire & life safety and burn prevention. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

For your own safety, please consult with your physician if you have any questions about your ability to wear the costume.

DO NOT wear the Firepup® costume if you have any of the following medical conditions or restrictions:

  • heart condition
  • neck or back problems
  • history of seizure
  • sensitivity to heat
  • breathing problems
  • other problems that could endanger your health

The Firepup® Costume: The Spotter

A “Spotter” is an adult required to assist Firepup® at all times.

NEVER use children as spotters!

A Firefighter is the Spotter here!

Spotters should be observing, “spotting”, and handling any possible dangerous situation while Firepup® is making an appearance.

While wearing the Firepup® Costume you have limited movement and vision. It’s imperative that a spotter is always available to help keep Firepup®, and the children around him, safe.

The Spotter’s Duties Include:

  • helping Firepup® to dress.
  • alerting Firepup® to any situation that the costume wearer may not be able to see.
  • speaking for Firepup®.
  • working with groups of children.
  • being knowledgable in fire safety.
  • holding Firepup®’s hand to help when walking up and down stairs
  • safely guiding Firepup® when appearing in large crowds.
  • assisting with handouts.
  • safely guiding young children to and away from the mascot.

Spotters watch and assist with:

  • changes in the floor/ground.
  • inclines, debris, stairs or other obstacles.
  • children approaching for a handshake or hug.
  • children with ice cream, candy, drinks, etc.
  • older children pulling clothing or pushing.
  • puddles and larger bodies of water.
  • answering questions asked of Firepup®.
  • any adjustments that need to be made to the costume or surrounding area
    (i.e. turned head, jacket centered, moving a cable, opening doors, etc.).

The Firepup® Costume: Helmet Insert

After removing the helmet suspension insert some users have a tricky time getting it back in place. Here’s a short instructional that could help.

Step 1

  • Insert liner into helmet.

Step 2

  • Make sure the strap and tab insert piece looks like this example.

Step 3

  • Line up tab insert piece with notch in helmet.

Step 4

  • Tab insert slides into notch.

Step 5

  • Push down tab & insert tight into notch

The Firepup® Costume: Warranty & Service

6-Month Limited Warranty

NFSC, Inc. offers a 6-month limited warranty that covers all parts and labor on the Firepup® costume and accessories. If during this time you discover a problem, please contact our costume department for assistance.

Non-adherence to the care instructions may void the warranty.

National Fire Safety Council, Inc. is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages/injuries in connection with or arising from the use of the costume or accessories. The buyer is responsible for training any individual to use/wear the Firepup® costume and/or spotter, as it is impossible to cover every scenario.

Service and Parts Replacement

NFSC, Inc. offers a 6-month limited warranty that covers all parts and labor on the Firepup® costume and accessories. If We will do our best to solve problems or answer costume questions, hopefully over the phone. If parts are needed, we will do our best to ensure delivery in time for the next costume appearance.
(Express shipping will be at an additional cost.)

To ask a question, or order replacement parts, first consult the Costume Checklist for the correct name, then Contact Us using our email form or call our service department.