To keep the integrity of the costume, please take proper steps to ensure that your costume will remain in good condition for years to come.

1. Large Parade Head with Helmet Attached and Fan

  • Avoid pushing or scratching screen nose. If scratched the screen can be touched up using a black perm marker on the scratch. Avoid getting marker on the fur.
  • Store upright in shipping box.
  • Insert batteries for fan unit before wearing.
  • Adjust the inside head gear for user's size comfort. (Avoid strain on user's neck and head.)
  • Keep hair out of sight. Tie back to avoid fan.
  • Adjust black collar to hang down to show at shoulders.
  • Follow care tag inside head unit.
Firepup® Costume Head

Wearer now sees thru the nose.

2. Shirt with 2 Attached Buckled Suspenders

  • Attach/detach yellow buckles by the Velcro openings at shoulders.
  • Red front and back suspenders should match up when attached.
  • Use the black elastic thumb loop to keep sleeves tucked into gloves.
  • Wash before use.
  • Follow care tag on garment.
Firepup® Costume Shirt & Buckles with Suspenders

Suspenders & Buckle

Firepup® Costume Shirt & Suspenders

Suspender Adjustment

3. Black Drawstring Pants with Detachable Tail

  • Insert fur tail through hole in rear of pant. Tail tip should point up. Line up Velcro tabs to secure.
  • Adjust drawstring in waist.
  • Place elastic stirrups at bottom of feet.
  • store pants straight on the enclosed wooden hanger using the clips to avoid folding.
  • Wash before use. (Always remove tail before washing.)
  • Follow care tag on garment.
Firepup® Costume Tail

Tail in Pants

4. Yellow Vinyl Fire Coat with 4 Buckles

  • Attach the 4 red buckles on the coat's Velcro tabs.
  • Point buckle tips inward.
  • Adjust front collar Velcro tabs at chest, while wearing coat.
  • Sleeve length can be adjusted by folding black cuffs up to make shorter.
  • Tail should stick out through rear pleat.
  • In hot weather, or when otherwise needed, Firepup® can remove the yellow coat as long as the white shirt sleeve is tucked inside the glove paw cuff.
  • Store coat on wooden hanger, hang straight, avoid folding.
  • Follow care tag inside garment.
Firepup® Costume Coat & Buckles

Removable Red Buckles

5. White Fur Gloves

  • Store the white glove paws dry, in plastic shipping bag.
  • Use elastic loops sewed inside finger and wrist to help keep paws secure while hands are in motion.
  • Wash the gloves on a cool delicate cycle using a mild detergent and fabric softener.
  • You can dry gloves in a dryer on low temperatures.
  • Brush gloves while still damp using a vented brush.
  • DO NOT DRY CLEAN! It will cause the fur to mat.
  • Follow care tag inside glove.
Firepup® Costume Glove & Buckles

Glove with Sleeve Tucked In

6. Over-Sized Adjustable Boots

  • The feet/boots should be kept clean by using mild detergent such as 303 fabric cleaner or an upholstery cleaner and a soft cloth.
  • Store boots in plastic, making sure that they are completely dry.
  • Step "Marching Style" to walk safely and to give Firepup® his peppy walk.
  • Let your Spotter help when on steps and inclines.
Firepup® Over-sized Adjustable Boots

Over-sized Adjustable Boots

7. Storage & Shipping Box

  • Store all costume parts in a well-ventilated, cool, dry area.
  • Never store any parts wet.
  • Avoid keeping costume in vehicle trunks or back seats for long periods of time. (Damage that could occur this way is not covered by warranty.)
Firepup® Costume Storage & Shipping Box

Store & Ship in Firepup®'s Box

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