The Spotter

A "Spotter" is an adult required to assist Firepup® at all times. Someone capable of observing, "spotting", and handling any possible dangerous situation while Firepup® is making an appearance. While wearing the Firepup® Costume you have limited movement and vision. It's imperative that a spotter is always available to help keep Firepup®, and the children around him, safe.

The Spotters Duties Include:

  • helping Firepup® dress.
  • alerting Firepup® to any situation that the costume wearer may not be able to see.
  • speaking for Firepup,® and therefore should be comfortable working with groups of children and be knowledgable in fire safety.
  • holding Firepup®’s hand or helping the character when walking up and down stairs and when appearing in large crowds.
  • assisting with handouts and safely guiding young children to and away from the mascot.

Firepup® Mascot with Firefighter Spotter and kid

A Firefighter Hero is the Spotter here!

The Spotter watches and assists with:

  • changes in the floor/ground.
  • inclines, debris, stairs or other obstacles.
  • children approaching for a handshake or hug.
  • children with ice cream, candy, drinks, etc.
  • older chldren pulling clothing or pushing.
  • puddles and larger bodies of water.
  • answering questions asked of Firepup®.
  • any adjustments that need to be made to the costume or surrounding area(i.e. turned head, jacket centered, moving a cable, opening doors, etc.).

NEVER use a child as a spotter!

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