Firepup® is a trusted role-model for children nationwide. Be sure to be extra animated when wearing the costume to bring Firepup® to life and not appear "flat". Example: Wave, clap, and point with both hands, lift an ear to listen, kneel when visiting with a small child, keep hands on hips in a "Super Hero" pose when standing still, etc.

Firepup® Mascot with Firefighter

Firepup® with a Firefighter Hero!

Costume Guidelines

1. ONLY be seen in full costume.
  • Coat can be removed in hot weather, indoors, or as needed.
  • The Firepup® costume should be put on and taken off in private, NEVER in public. (It can be traumatic for young children to see Firepup® not fully assembled, especially with no head.)
  • Keep the costume out of view before and after use.
2. Always have a spotter to help.
  • Walk carefully especially on stairs/steps.
3. Always use appropriate conduct.
  • The costumed character should NEVER engage in any activity that is illegal or inappropriate for the image of Firepup.®
  • Firepup® should ALWAYS be professional, friendly, and courteous; and NEVER purposely frighten or startle children.
  • The spotter should always speak for Firepup®.

5. Never wear the costume in the rain.

6. Never eat, drink, or smoke while wearing the costume.

7. Never operate any machinery while wearing the costume.

8. Always treat the costume with care.

9. Avoid Water.

  • There is a potential safety risk if the mascot is pushed or falls into ponds, fountains, pools, oceans, or other waterways. The costume will quickly absorb water becoming very heavy.
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